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Cat + Dog Collars
Vegan Leather Glitter Collar
Gold + Silver Plated
High grade Rhinestones
Jewelry Collars or Spikes
D Ring
Cool Charm

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Inner Harmony Collar Collection

Our Inner Harmony Pet Collar Collection was inspired by yoga for energy balancing and inner harmony. It is one of our top sellers, because these collars go with everything! Each collar has a detachable clear crystal charm used as a tool to open up your pets chakras and to wear for beauty.

Glam Rock Jewelry Collar Collection

We’ve turned up the volume with our Glam Rock Jewelry Collars. Each collar is an incredible work of art that has a personality all it’s own. We’ve added zodiac charms with each collar to bring out and celebrate attributes of the stars each month.

Our Modern Rock Jewelry Collars are known for being bold, dramatic, and downright stunning. Each collar comes with intense metallic rhinestones and confetti rhinestones on the edging to set off the look of an incredible jeweled stone center piece. Each jewel is lined in a gold setting, to add elegance and a richness to the style.

Modern Rock Jewelry Collar Collection

Heavy Metal Spiked Collar Collection

The Heavy Metal Spiked Pet Collar Collection are a huge hit for dogs and kitties both big and small. These collars are designed to capture attention as the ab rhinestones hit the light no matter what angle. This collection comes in every shade of the rainbow and are mixed with silver spikes to create an edgey look. We've added our signature Rockstar Pet Collar guitar pick to create a collar that sings.


Our blingy custom engraved pet tags are hand made with love, with rhinestones around the edge and a blingy initial of your pet. We engrave your pets name and number on the back.

Pop Rock Star Spiked Collar Collection

This dynamic style puts a dance to your step with its huge color pop. It's cool, its do fferent with light colored rhinestones mixed with different colors of bright spikes with our signature detachable guitar pick. Its a high contrast look is both memorable and looks amazing on.

RunWay Ready Rhinestone Pet Leash Collection

Styled from head to tail.

Once you have the perfect collar and bling leash, it’s all in the details to have your look be hip for your occasion. Here you will find out the inside scoop on what the current fashion trends are, so your pet’s look is refined and on trend.


Looking for places to go that are fun, inspiring and celebrate the spirit of your pet. Enter into the exciting world of pet fashion shows, charity events, pet beauty contests (grooming shows) and other competitions, or discover local places to go to dress up your pet and have fun.